Archive | December, 2011


Ah, winter break. These past two weeks have been a nice break from The Pendulum, course work and dining hall food, but they have certainly come with their own set of committments. I had an ambitious list of goals to accomplish over this vacation, and the constant battle between my motivations to work and ¬†to […]

No issue with Issuu

It might be cheesy to publicly praise a publishing platform I blatantly use to keep my site functioning, but I have been all about Issuu¬†lately. Money is tight as a college student, so I sadly can’t subscribe to all of the magazines I’d like. With media convergence, most of the content I’m interested is online […]

Music crafted from natural sound

Claps of thunder and cracks of lightning, coupled with the patter of a gentle rain were heard next to McCrary Theatre Nov. 28-Dec. 2, but the weather outside Elon University’s Center for the Arts was warm and bright. Students in associate professor Samantha DiRosa’s Time Arts course created compilations of natural and artificial sound as […]

Alumni, students rock toward record deal

Studying for exams, purchasing textbooks and scrambling to finish papers are typical parts of a college student’s life. But for some, additional responsibilities include writing songs, recording music and playing gigs. Phoenix Highway, an eclectic ensemble formed on Elon University’s campus, has been preparing for the release of its debut album, “American Blend,” available Tuesday, […]