No issue with Issuu

It might be cheesy to publicly praise a publishing platform I blatantly use to keep my site functioning, but I have been all about Issuu lately.

Money is tight as a college student, so I sadly can’t subscribe to all of the magazines I’d like. With media convergence, most of the content I’m interested is online anyway, but that’s not the solution. What I love most about magazines, what made me want to work on my high school yearbook and eventually study journalism, is all of the sidebars and graphics and design nooks and crannies that make a page interesting to look at. When Glamour, or even a magazine like Good, puts its content online, it loses something.

Call me a purist, but I miss holding a page in my hands. The cold, glossy pages that smell like the fragrance aisles at Macy’s have a certain charm. Issuu doesn’t capture those elements, but it does bring back the beauty of page layout to my online magazine experience.

I’ve gotten exposure to some publications I’ve never seen before, and probably wouldn’t see, if they weren’t on Issuu. Barcode does some pretty awesome stuff with photos and typography, and I really dig their architecture and design spreads. I love the feature pieces in The Word, but I probably would never have gotten to see the Belgium based mag on Barnes & Noble shelves.

It’s also inspirational to see other works in progress, or designs that were made strictly for school. Flufy is one such magazine I came across, and I adore some of its style, even though it technically doesn’t exist. Well, hey! Yes it does exist! With Issuu, I could make a beautiful magazine right here in my apartment without printing it, and it could really exist. It could happen, right?

Although I only started using Issuu to view The Pendulum online (I know, shameless plug)  I feel like I’ve found an interactive medium that can help me learn more about what I’m looking for as a future journalist, find new sources of inspiration and discover publications to potentially work with. And oh yeah, kick back and read a magazine.

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