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From Elon to Japan

For the past few weeks I have been swimming in a sea of internship applications. Luckily I’m an organization powerhouse; resumes and cover letters don’t stand a chance against my color coded folders. But anyway, the whole process has really got me thinking about what I want to do, and what I only want to […]

Student athletes put faith on display through Campus Outreach involvement

Tim Tebow’s famous prayer pose has brought God into sports conversations across the United States, and Elon University is no exception. Several Phoenix athletes are members of Campus Outreach, a national collegiate ministry that serves university communities. According to baseball player junior Niko Fraser, the group brings the meaning of Christianity to campus. “I think […]

Hey wow, this is tough

My gmail account has taken a beating recently, and I have The Pendulum to thank. After becoming the features editor (AP style says don’t capitalize, weird right?!) I’ve been swamped. Brainstorming and assigning stories, budgeting papers, editing copy is not as easy as it looks. And it really doesn’t look that easy. Despite the sudden […]