University common reading focus on religion, politics

Once again, the Elon University common reading program has prepared a series of campus events related to diverse perspectives and commentary on key issues.

This year’s selection, “Zeitoun” by Dave Eggers, was assigned to all incoming students in hopes of spurring critical thinking and opportunities for discussion and reflection, and connection to current events.
According to Common Reading Committee chair and Director of General Studies Jeffrey Coker, the program succeeds.

“This week’s major headlines include a hurricane that looks eerily like Katrina, turmoil in Syria and various Islamic communities, intolerance, unjust incarceration, and domestic violence,” Coker said. “Elon’s common reading is highly relevant and we expect the community will gain a great deal from the lively discussions that evolve once again this year from this program.”

To draw connections between the reading and today’s news, the committee  will begin it’s programming with “Religion, Revelation, Politics: Listening to God’s Voice in the Public Square” on Sept. 19 in LaRose digital theatre. The event will feature four scholars, who will offer perspectives on how believers employ revealed knowledge.

More events will follow in the fall 2012 semester.

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