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All of the words, and all of the music

That’s what Michael Gartner, 40 year reporter and editor, said it takes to craft powerful, compelling explanatory journalism. Business writing is also tricky, because it revolves around technical facts and terms. These two genres are no reason to abandon creativity, he said. It’s even more important to find a theme and hammer it home, because […]

No free stuff here: Romney comments on student debt

When a college student asked former Gov. Mitt Romney what he expected to do about student debt if elected, he response was not surprising. He’s not promising any free stuff. His solution to the student debt crisis is not to give out money, but give out jobs. Romney said he’d rather see recent graduates employed […]

Beyond the border: Journalist covers life in Mexico

It was the start of an international debate. Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca was trying to smuggle people across the border near Ciudad Juarez, Mexico when he was shot by a U.S. Border Control agent. He was killed. He was 15-years-old. If photojournalist Dominic Bracco hadn’t been there to capture the nightmare, no one would know […]

Sree Sreenivasan levels the social media playing field

Sree Sreenivasan, chief digital officer at Columbia University, knows the Web. He was named one of Poynter’s 35 social media influencers, founded SreeTips to share his wisdom and considers himself a tech evangelist. The media leader presented at the Society of Professional Journalist’s annual Excellence in Journalism Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Sept. 20, sharing […]

Revamped SUB box office program reels in success

Outings to the movie theater don’t always fit into the average college student’s budget. But with its Movie Run program, Elon University’s Student Union Board has been helping to offset the cost of a night at Carousel Cinemas in Alamance Crossing since 2005. Previously, students could purchase $5 tickets from 5-6 p.m. at the Moseley […]

Order in the court: crime reporting and ethical journalism

Excellent crime reporting may be some of the most compelling journalism available. It captivates readers, keeping them on the edge of their seats. Sometimes, it just can’t be put down, like a good fiction thriller. But it isn’t fiction. Crime reporting is a narrative that weaves together the details of human lives with the importance […]

Romney’s 47 percent comments affect Elon University

Comments made by Gov. Mitt Romney could cost him the election, according to a poll of Elon University’s campus this morning. Mother Jones posted a video Sept. 17 of Romney at a private fundraiser earlier this year. Romney said 47 percent of voters will vote for President Obama no matter what, because they “believe the […]

Student Debt: 10 places to track it

This semester, I plan to investigate the student debt crisis in the United States, its effects on recent graduates at the outlook for future graduates. For myself and for my peers, this topic is relevant and all too timely. The following are sources of information regarding student debt. 1. New York Times A revered source […]