Student Debt: 10 places to track it

This semester, I plan to investigate the student debt crisis in the United States, its effects on recent graduates at the outlook for future graduates. For myself and for my peers, this topic is relevant and all too timely. The following are sources of information regarding student debt.

1. New York Times

A revered source of  both national and international news, the New York Times has thousands of topic guides updated regularly. The money guide designated specifically for student loans offers news, advice, multimedia and infographics to process and analyze data. It also offers interactive features like the Debt Trap, which compares American debt through the decades.

2. The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is an exclusively Internet-only newspaper. It offers coverage on a variety of topics, and like the Times, has a student debt page with stories, blogs and videos updated daily.

3. Business Week

This publication covers all things finance and business. It has recently published numerous graphics and stories about student debt, private vs. public loans and career choices affected by loan payments. This source will offer a more specialized focus on the subject, coming from experts in the field.

4. Project on Student Debt

The Project on Student Debt is an initiative of the Institute for College Access and Success, which looks to increase public understanding of the debt crises and the implications for American families, the economy and society. It collects and publishes statistics, research, news and more.

5. CNNMoney

Like the Times and The Huffington Post, CNN has a section exclusively for finance, and another tier for college spending.It collects news and graphics regarding trends in the crisis.

6. FOXBusiness

A similar site, FOXBusiness is a specialized site under the FOX News umbrella. It will be interesting to see the coverage FOX, a traditionally right-of-center news organization  offers the college debt crisis during the election season.


This financial section of NBC has blog posts, special reports, videos and breaking news about finances in America. I expect it will provide interesting contrast with FOXBusiness, especially regarding the student debt platforms for both President Obama and Gov. Romney.

8. Financial Post

Similar to BusinessWeek, the Financial Post is a publication dedicated to financial and economic news. It has a Young Money category that deals specifically with young adults and their economic challenges and decisions, which I expect to deal primarily with the cost of higher education.

9. Forbes

The Forbes Money Builder blog is dedicated to personal finances, written by accountants and financial advisers. It focuses on individuals, rather than the economy, so I anticipate a great deal of the content will revolve around the debt crisis.

10. GOOD

My favorite news source, GOOD Magazine is a general interest publication with a large youth following. As a result, it caters to young Americans, as does its content. GOOD is known for great graphics and coverage of business and innovation coverage–both of which will be needed to get the United States out of the student debt crisis.


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