Romney’s 47 percent comments affect Elon University

Reporter Elizabeth Nerich discusses the poll with Elon University senior Kathryn Knaus. Knaus said she believes the comments will hurt Romney’s campaign. Photo by Rebecca Wickel.

Comments made by Gov. Mitt Romney could cost him the election, according to a poll of Elon University’s campus this morning.

Mother Jones posted a video Sept. 17 of Romney at a private fundraiser earlier this year. Romney said 47 percent of voters will vote for President Obama no matter what, because they “believe the government has a responsibility to care for them.”

Of the 117 students polled, 75 said they believe the comments will hurt Romney in the upcoming months. However, only 61 students said they had actually seen or heard about the video.

“I didn’t actually get it from a real news source, I only saw it on Facebook on a photo that someone was making fun of, it had gone viral,” junior Maggie Achey said.

Many of the 56 students who had not heard Romney’s comments prior to being interviewed still said they believe the video will cost him the presidency.

“Even though I think the statements Gov. Romney made are accurate, the media has a way of making it seem like he is looking down on them,” Student Government Association Executive President Darien Flowers said. “No one wants to be categorized as the other. I don’t think when you’re trying to be elected president you should be delineating between yourself and the population voting for you.”

Others said it wasn’t just that Romney was offending his electorate, but he damaged his credibility.

“That’s a huge number to base an election on, and it sounds completely unreliable and unauthenticated,” senior Mark Holmes said. “I think it’s really going to hurt his credibility for the rest of the election, especially with the election in a month and a half.”

Although 20 students said they are undecided about the effects or think it will not change Romney’s election results, the majority believes this will be the downfall of the governor’s campaign.

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