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How Obama, Romney see the issue of student debt

An in-depth look at student debt from the Virginia Collegiate Times analyzed the importance of college affordability in the upcoming election. With more than $1 trillion owed, a sum exceeding national credit card debt, whichever candidate wins the election will have to deal with the issue. In the past four years, Obama has made education […]

Feministing blog founder speaks about movement

When asked what she did for a living on night in a bar, Jessica Valenti replied honestly —professional feminist. The man standing next to her responded somewhat typically. He lifted her elbow and inspected her underarm, searching for the stereotypical trademark of feminism. “It’s just kind of amazing and hilarious to me that these stereotypes […]

Chick-Fil-A veto upheld, Elon University campus remains divided

After a 21-20 vote from the Elon University Student Government Association Senate tonight, president Darien Flowers’ veto of the proposed legislation has been upheld. But students remain split regarding the decision to veto the resolution banning Chick-Fil-A from campus. The resolution, which passed in a vote by the SGA Senate 35-11 Oct. 12, weighed on […]

Why Privatization Won’t Solve the Student Loan Crisis

A post by Mitchell D. Weiss of  appeared on the Huffington Post blog today,  discussing what’s not going to fix the student debt crisis, and who to hold responsible. He said what’s holding both Democrats and Republicans back is that they can’t agree (go figure) about the chicken or the egg aspect of the problem. But […]

Wealthy Will Benefit Most From Change to Student Relief Plan, Study Says

Because nearly one-in-six student loan borrowers are in default, the federal government is planning a debt relief solution. Sounds good, right? The problem is, a new study shows the income-based plan, designed to help borrowers with high debt and low income keep up with payments, will really only benefit the upper-middle class, especially those with graduate […]

Report finds students struggle with loans…so what?

An article by The New York Time’s Hannah Steinhardt this week outlined three things students should know when considering private loans. According to her, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has published these findings in a recent report, but I can’t figure out what about them is news. 1.”A borrower can easily end up in trouble having […]

Student-Loan Borrowers Average $26,500 in Debt

Students across the United States from the graduating class of 2011 acquired $26,500 in student debt, according to a new report by Institute for College Access and Success’s Project on Student Debt. This reflects a 5 percent increase from 2010, and is officially the largest year for student debt in history. In fact, the increase continues […]

Students, alumni feeding a solution to global hunger

What started in Raleigh more than 13 years ago and moved across the globe has returned once again to its North Carolina roots. Stop Hunger Now, an international relief organization, made its annual visit to Elon University in partnership with the Kernodle Center for Service Learning to package 55,000 meals for children and their families. […]