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From the trenches: bringing war, terrorism, disaster home

The immediate, relevant and detailed reporting of national disasters, acts of terrorism and turning points of war are what can create or destroy a nation. The role of the press is to seek truth and report it, and this role is rarely as important as it is in times of crisis. Giving the world what […]

David Walker’s $10 million a minute tour visits Elon

It only takes 60 seconds to lose $10 million, according to former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker. The head of the Comeback America Initiative and a leading nonpartisan expert on debt crisis, Walker spoke in Elon University’s Koury Business Center Oct. 5 to discuss what elected officials should be doing to restore “fiscal sanity.” His stop […]

Tell a nice little story

What began as a circulation booster is now a bridge between the news and the people it happens to. The features story is what humanizes a newspaper, reminding readers that there are heart breaking, inspiring and quirky details in everyone. It is born from a journalist’s unnatural practice of listening, the ability to discover a […]

Maya Angelou honored at Elon Fall Convocation

Edgar Allen Poe, Langston Hughes and Edna St. Vincent Millay were just some of the poets in Elon University’s Alumni Gym tonight. They were invited by Maya Angelou, who used their words to inspire and captivate her audience; something she is well accustomed to. Angelou spoke at the university’s Fall Convocation Oct. 4. She encouraged […]

Student debt reaches new heights

Student debt has surpassed $1 trillion. Sounds reasonable, almost. But $63 million of that is owed to Americans aged 60 years and older, according to Businessweek. Imagine entering retirement and still making a monthly payment for your degree. And things aren’t looking better. According to a recent study, the debt is growing by $3,000 a […]

Elon University student president says ‘No, I can’t’

It all started with an email. In a matter of hours, Elon University Student Government Association President Darien Flowers was slated to be on a national advertisement for former Gov. Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. On Sept. 20, Patrick Brown, chairman of the College Republicans, extended an invitation he received from Romney’s campaign staff to all […]

Proposed system of locked-in tuition in Texas receives skepticism

A new analysis of the state of higher education costs in Texas shows that Gov. Rick Perry might have some good ideas, but how effective will they be? Perry suggested public universities create degrees that cost $10 thousand or less. He also thinks they should offer locked-in tuition guarantees, ensuring incoming students that their tuition […]