University administrative costs causing rise in tuition

Purdue University has a $313,000-a-year acting provost. It employs six vice and associate vice provosts, including a $198,000 chief diversity officer. It also has 16 deans and 11 vice presidents, among them a $253,000 marketing officer and a $433,000 business school chief. According to the Pittsburgh Gazette, administrative costs like these may be responsible for both the rising cost of college and a strained university community. The rate of the growing higher education administration exceeds that of faculty. U.S. universities employed more than 230,000 administrators in 2009, a 60 percent increase from 1993, or 10 times the rate of growth of the tenured faculty, according to Education Department data.

Even worse, this trend has been especially noticeable at public universities. Taxpayers are supporting the increased salaries of administrators, while the number of faculty members and their respective salaries plummet. Meanwhile, these university employees shoulder less responsibility than their non-academic counterparts. For example, the University of Connecticut’s flagship campus in Storrs said last year they were reviewing the level of administrators’ pay after a controversy involving then campus police chief’s $256,000 annual salary — more than New York City’s police commissioner.

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