Archive | December, 2012

Congress plans student loan overhaul

According to Bloomberg, Congress is now considering a major alteration to the federal student loan program in the U.S., which would automatically remove money from a borrower’s checking account at a rate based on his or her salary. This system is already practiced in the U.K., and is expected to make payment more manageable, capping […]

Online education challenges traditional classroom

With the cost of higher education still skyrocketing, alternatives to traditional university courses are becoming increasingly sought after. Massive open online courses, MOOCs, are rapidly becoming cost-effective options for supplementary learning. In addition to the flexibility and reduced cost of online learning, those who turn to the Internet to connect with professors and students are […]

Marco Rubio just finished paying off student loans

According to Yahoo News, Sen. Marco Rubio made his last student loan payment last year.  The Florida senator said today that college affordability is one of his top priorities, especially since he experienced the crippling effects of student debt personally. Rubio said he graduated law school with nearly $150,000 to repay, and doesn’t want to see […]