Archive | February, 2013

Local business owner touches Burlington community

Despite the number of reptiles, amphibians and fish in the building, the most popular animal at Piedmont Fish and Reptile is Kallie, the owner’s dog. Rescued from a pound three years ago, she is the lifeblood of the store and a popular attraction. According to Geoff Bengel, owner of the small business in Gibsonville, customers […]

5 spring break ideas that don’t involve a beach

Perfectly manicured beaches in March are not everyone’s idea of the perfect spring break, and those warm-weather destinations aren’t always a good match with the average collegiate budget either. But with planning, flexibility and savvy spending, the sacred week can still be fun without the ocean and sand. Whether you have time to travel the […]

American musical styles merge at Elon University

Elon University’s Whitley auditorium is accustomed to musical performances, but tonight’s gig incorporated lessons in geography, culture and history. And according to lecturer and musician Billy Stevens, these are the biggest factors in shaping the American musical tradition. Stevens visited Elon to discuss the unique culture of the American South, whose ties to slavery helped shape […]

Ban on gays challenges college-aged Boy Scouts

When University of Pennsylvania sophomore Nikhil Rajapuram’s cousin refused to join the Boy Scouts, he thought something was wrong. Rajapuram, an Eagle Scout, wanted his younger cousin to have the same enriching experience he had, so he pressed for a reason. “My friend Justin doesn’t want to,” was the answer he received. Justin’s parents weren’t […]

North Carolina divided on guns in schools

Grass Roots North Carolina led a rally Tuesday afternoon at Halifax mall, adjacent to the General Assembly Legislative Building in opposition to proposed gun control laws. Nearly 1,000 people were present to support the extension of handgun freedom into restaurants and schools. The rally was in response to recent conversations regarding the solution to gun […]

Web diagnoses impact health center visits

When Geneseo University senior Jacquie Rivellese arrived at the campus health center with stomach pains, a trip to the hospital wasn’t on her agenda. And after plenty of dollars and hours spent, it turns out it didn’t have to be. Misdiagnoses are one of many complaints students make against their universities’ health centers — along with unreasonable […]