Beyond the Horizon

Working on the Harvard Gazette Commencement issue was like entering another world. This campus is busy almost all the time, but when graduation rolls around, things get nuts. I have never seen a community so invested in celebrating and recognized the successes of its members. I gained exposure to new media project management by working […]

Elonthon steps right up to cancer through dance

Bold, colorful capitals cover shirts, pins, tumblers and caps across Elon University’s campus. The Greek letters that plaster campus are a constant backdrop to many activities, but the barriers they create are broken down once a year by three new ones. FTK — For The Kids is the campus motto during Elonthon, the university’s 24-hour […]

Passover traditions adapt to changing times

The celebration is nearly 3,500 years old, rooted in tradition, ritual and strict procedure. But Passover, the Jewish holiday marking the Hebrew’s exodus from Egypt, has become a malleable celebration. It takes on unique traditions and personal values as families observe together. In time, these traditions change. Some Jewish college students recognize a shift in […]

Opinion: GPAs should still matter, but for right reasons

Between club meetings, Greek events, community service and sports practices, students hardly have time for class anymore. Solid hours of studying dwindle to cram sessions, and it seems academics take a backseat to extracurricular activities. But when things get tough, students don’t always fall back on hard work. This is the age of grade mongering. […]

Local business owner touches Burlington community

Despite the number of reptiles, amphibians and fish in the building, the most popular animal at Piedmont Fish and Reptile is Kallie, the owner’s dog. Rescued from a pound three years ago, she is the lifeblood of the store and a popular attraction. According to Geoff Bengel, owner of the small business in Gibsonville, customers […]

5 spring break ideas that don’t involve a beach

Perfectly manicured beaches in March are not everyone’s idea of the perfect spring break, and those warm-weather destinations aren’t always a good match with the average collegiate budget either. But with planning, flexibility and savvy spending, the sacred week can still be fun without the ocean and sand. Whether you have time to travel the […]

American musical styles merge at Elon University

Elon University’s Whitley auditorium is accustomed to musical performances, but tonight’s gig incorporated lessons in geography, culture and history. And according to lecturer and musician Billy Stevens, these are the biggest factors in shaping the American musical tradition. Stevens visited Elon to discuss the unique culture of the American South, whose ties to slavery helped shape […]

Elon University performing arts strikes ‘The Wild Party’

After the curtain closed on Elon University’s final performance of “The Wild Party” Feb. 17 in McCrary Theatre, there was still more for the cast and crew to finish. The contemporary musical set in the 1920s featured biting humor, dance and elaborate sets — and dismantling the latter took center stage immediately after the performances […]