Reading for pleasure poor indicator of student passivity

After hours of classes, clubs and studying, college students across the country usually end a long day curled up with a book. But for most of them, these books tend to be to complete required reading. Reading for pleasure is a struggle for most undergraduates, but it has proven to be beneficial and possible. Many […]

Ban on gays challenges college-aged Boy Scouts

When University of Pennsylvania sophomore Nikhil Rajapuram’s cousin refused to join the Boy Scouts, he thought something was wrong. Rajapuram, an Eagle Scout, wanted his younger cousin to have the same enriching experience he had, so he pressed for a reason. “My friend Justin doesn’t want to,” was the answer he received. Justin’s parents weren’t […]

North Carolina divided on guns in schools

Grass Roots North Carolina led a rally Tuesday afternoon at Halifax mall, adjacent to the General Assembly Legislative Building in opposition to proposed gun control laws. Nearly 1,000 people were present to support the extension of handgun freedom into restaurants and schools. The rally was in response to recent conversations regarding the solution to gun […]

Web diagnoses impact health center visits

When Geneseo University senior Jacquie Rivellese arrived at the campus health center with stomach pains, a trip to the hospital wasn’t on her agenda. And after plenty of dollars and hours spent, it turns out it didn’t have to be. Misdiagnoses are one of many complaints students make against their universities’ health centers — along with unreasonable […]

Opinion: Too early to judge Obama’s gun-control reform

President Obama vowed Wednesday to implement a slew of schismatic gun-safety changes, raising questions and complaints for many Americans. But among the Second Amendment debates and calls for bolder reform, few are discussing the legislation required to actually change gun policy or the vagueness of many propositions. Executive orders only go as far as Congress […]

Inauguration performers announced, receive mixed reaction

  Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor will be headlining a performance Jan. 21 in Washington, D.C., at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony, which some say is overshadowed by celebrity appearances. College students are expected to be excited by popular artists, but some find the guests off-putting. “It makes no difference to me who’s performing at the […]

Congress plans student loan overhaul

According to Bloomberg, Congress is now considering a major alteration to the federal student loan program in the U.S., which would automatically remove money from a borrower’s checking account at a rate based on his or her salary. This system is already practiced in the U.K., and is expected to make payment more manageable, capping […]

Online education challenges traditional classroom

With the cost of higher education still skyrocketing, alternatives to traditional university courses are becoming increasingly sought after. Massive open online courses, MOOCs, are rapidly becoming cost-effective options for supplementary learning. In addition to the flexibility and reduced cost of online learning, those who turn to the Internet to connect with professors and students are […]

Marco Rubio just finished paying off student loans

According to Yahoo News, Sen. Marco Rubio made his last student loan payment last year.  The Florida senator said today that college affordability is one of his top priorities, especially since he experienced the crippling effects of student debt personally. Rubio said he graduated law school with nearly $150,000 to repay, and doesn’t want to see […]

Student loan delinquency reaches record high

At the end of September, outstanding student loan balances totaled $956 billion, amounting to an increase of $42 billion from the previous quarter. Now that the fourth quarter is well under way, improvement looks unlikely. New York Times blogger Catherine Rampell put this debt into perspective with some statistics from the Federal Reserve Bank of New […]