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Beyond the Horizon

Working on the Harvard Gazette Commencement issue was like entering another world. This campus is busy almost all the time, but when graduation rolls around, things get nuts. I have never seen a community so invested in celebrating and recognized the successes of its members. I gained exposure to new media project management by working […]

Elonthon steps right up to cancer through dance

Bold, colorful capitals cover shirts, pins, tumblers and caps across Elon University’s campus. The Greek letters that plaster campus are a constant backdrop to many activities, but the barriers they create are broken down once a year by three new ones. FTK — For The Kids is the campus motto during Elonthon, the university’s 24-hour […]

Passover traditions adapt to changing times

The celebration is nearly 3,500 years old, rooted in tradition, ritual and strict procedure. But Passover, the Jewish holiday marking the Hebrew’s exodus from Egypt, has become a malleable celebration. It takes on unique traditions and personal values as families observe together. In time, these traditions change. Some Jewish college students recognize a shift in […]

Congress plans student loan overhaul

According to Bloomberg, Congress is now considering a major alteration to the federal student loan program in the U.S., which would automatically remove money from a borrower’s checking account at a rate based on his or her salary. This system is already practiced in the U.K., and is expected to make payment more manageable, capping […]

Marco Rubio just finished paying off student loans

According to Yahoo News, Sen. Marco Rubio made his last student loan payment last year.  The Florida senator said today that college affordability is one of his top priorities, especially since he experienced the crippling effects of student debt personally. Rubio said he graduated law school with nearly $150,000 to repay, and doesn’t want to see […]

Student loan delinquency reaches record high

At the end of September, outstanding student loan balances totaled $956 billion, amounting to an increase of $42 billion from the previous quarter. Now that the fourth quarter is well under way, improvement looks unlikely. New York Times blogger Catherine Rampell put this debt into perspective with some statistics from the Federal Reserve Bank of New […]

Student debt interferes with academic performance

According to the National Survey of Student Engagement, one-third of students are negatively affected by the stress of college loans, the New York Times reported. Additionally, one-third of students do not have all the required course materials due to cost. 60 percent of students surveyed said they worry about their current finances, not to mention life […]

Disabled borrowers earn new forgiveness regulations

Lilly O’Donnell, a Huffington Post blogger, reflected Wednesday on the updated regulations for those with disabilities. Under federal law, graduates who face disabilities they did not have when initially taking out loans may have payments forgiven. This isn’t new legislation, but the process was streamlined just a few weeks ago. Until this month, borrowers would […]