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University administrative costs causing rise in tuition

Purdue University has a $313,000-a-year acting provost. It employs six vice and associate vice provosts, including a $198,000 chief diversity officer. It also has 16 deans and 11 vice presidents, among them a $253,000 marketing officer and a $433,000 business school chief. According to the Pittsburgh Gazette, administrative costs like these may be responsible for both […]

Parents also face crushing loans for students’ education

An article published by Forbes today examined the devastating effects of student loans taken out by parents. The students  in financial distress due to college payments are part of a popular conversation, but their parents who are equally in debt are part of a less prominent struggling class. For those parents who have huge loans, the shock […]

Free online classes could ease student debt dilemma

The York Daily Record reported today that online courses offered by companies like Coursera could significantly decrease the debt crisis, but at a cost. Taking a “Massive Open Online Course” offers students across the world the opportunity to continue the education process, free of charge. Expanding horizons and taking courses of interest is always a […]

Volume, area, directional measurements and the metric system

Wickham finished her book with a discussion of directional  measurements, area measurements, volume measurements and the metric system. Each of these units are extremely valuable for journalists, as many hard news stories involve time, rate, distance, units and physical measurements. Directional measurements include rate, velocity, momentum, distance, speed and acceleration. These topics apply to more […]

Student debt in America is not too big a deal

According to State Impact, Ed Moore, president of the Independent Colleges & Universities of Florida a member of the Higher Education Coordinating Council, said the student debt crisis isn’t as big of a deal as people think. He and six other members of the council will be making recommendations to the Florida legislature in the next […]

Black college students disproportionately affected by the debt crisis

According to the Washington Post, student debt is what keeps black students from entering the middle class. The blog post written by Ann-Marie Adams claims that loans are keeping American minority groups from climbing the socio-econominc ladder. Black college graduates have been disproportionately affected by the debt crisis–more than 80 percent of African American students graduated […]

Math for business and politics

Kathleen Woodruff Wickham’s book continued with an analysis of many skills needed in business reporting. Understand stocks and bonds, business accounting and property taxes are necessary for covering the financial sector, but they can also help make sense of many other beats. If a reporter is covering lifestyle, it might help to know how much […]

Obama and Student Loans: Income-Based Repayment approved Nov. 1

Now that President Obama has bee re-elected, his proposed student aid reform is what college students across the country can expect for the next four years. Nick Gidwani of the Huffington Post offered an analysis of Obama’s additions to the  College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007. Under this bill, college graduates who choose an […]

Expanding the math toolbox

Being able to calculate and communicate meaningful mathematics is a necessary skill for journalists. According to Kathleen Woodruff Wickham, journalism professor at the University of Mississippi, numerical illiteracy is unacceptable in the newsroom and society in general, so mastered math tools is key. But an understanding of math only goes so far—a journalist must be […]

How Obama, Romney see the issue of student debt

An in-depth look at student debt from the Virginia Collegiate Times analyzed the importance of college affordability in the upcoming election. With more than $1 trillion owed, a sum exceeding national credit card debt, whichever candidate wins the election will have to deal with the issue. In the past four years, Obama has made education […]